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About Digitaltest

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As a leading partner in the electronics industry, Digitaltest develops and produces automated test systems (ATE) for electronic circuit boards, software for automating production, and quality management systems. Digitaltest is known for innovative solutions for optimizing the entire manufacturing process – as an interface between CAD, the testing process and production itself

Test quality, comprehensive defect coverage and short test times are the system strengths. It is Digitaltest's conviction that offering excellent service as well as further innovative development of the test systems – for In-Circuit test (ICT), function test as well as Flying Probe test – and software solutions are essential to success.

Digitaltest develops innovative test products and solutions with high quality test and throughput with the objective of giving electronic manufacturers the ability to produce to the highest possible quality at the most affordable price.

Digitaltest's History

Digitaltest founder, Dr. Grant Boctor, left his home in Egypt for Germany in 1968 where he studied electrical engineering, and followed up his Master’s degree with a doctorate. In 1980, Grant Boctor founded Digitaltest in a test house in Karlsruhe, Germany. 

It began with the development of functional and in-circuit test programs for Siemens, but soon we were specializing in complete test system solutions including the appropriate production software. The goal was and remains to assist the entire electronics industry with advanced test solutions for producing reliable, functioning electronic products of high quality. 1985 saw the founding of Digitaltest GmbH MTS Tester as Functional Tester. Digitaltest is the first company to link between CAD and test through C-LINK with online layout during repair.

The special spirit, the passion for development and technology, as well as the family-like atmosphere, continues on at Digitaltest following the sudden death of our founder in 2005. In recent years Digitaltest has introduced a range of innovative software and hardware systems that continue to be at the forefront of test system solutions.

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