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Improves the efficiency of the production process and product quality

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QMAN helps all common test systems to repair faster as well as monitor and evaluate the production process

Fast fault diagnostics and repair
Enables conclusions to be drawn for improving performance and quality 
Visual inspection stations with checklists 
Process monitoring with automatic serial fault detection 
Intelligent repair database 
Comprehensive statistical reports 
Drill-down functions

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Product Functions


Paperless Repair

Higher quality assurance, cheaper production costs 
and shorter repair time – regardless of which test 
system you are using.



QMAN captures test results from equipment like 
AOI, AXI, SPI, ICT, Boundary Scan, functional and 
flying probe test, as well as from manual inspection 
and end-of-line test.


Failure Processing

QMAN speeds up repair by displaying the fault location 
and repair suggestion in our fully integrated layout and 
schematic viewers.



Generates comprehensive drill down reports to analyze 
and observe the production process. For example, KPI 
reports like FPY and DPMO and WIP.

Product Features


Failure Import

Interface to test and inspection systems. With the additional debug tool, new interfaces can be created and customized.


Repair Station

To optimize repair time, paperless repair has an integrated failure catalog, schematics and layout viewer.



Customized trend alarms can be configured to monitor the production process.

Visual Inspection System

Each PCB type can get one or more checklists for visual inspections assigned. The checklists are stored in one central place in the database.


Functional Test Station

All test systems, which do not have a data log functionality can be connected to QMAN.


Packing Station

Ensures that all planned inspection and test operations were carried out with the result "pass".


Report Generator

Comprehensive statistical reports. Drill down capabilities for quick analysis of abnormalities to help provide quality improvements.

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